Viginti Tres Sæcula


Viginti Tres Sæcula was born to create magickal soundscapes of lust and will. The meaning of the name, 23 ages, represents not the ages in common sense but the parallel æons in the world of the Fratærnitas. The number is 333. But stop! It is each number of. The lie of duality doesn't count for longer. The lie of wrong numbers doesn't count any longer. Deep in the temple of Bai Sun, the temple within, so deep within within. You don't understand? It doesn't matter. Also the reflections of the mirror doesn't matter - anything! You know all the names? You know all the blood within? You know the temple? You know nothing! Open the eyes within the dreams - open the ears within the awake state. Can you apprehend the states? You don't want! You can't promenade along the paths of Bai Sun. Neither once nor twice! Live, love, work and enjoy!