Kustomer Feedbak

"Sombre Soniks is the dreamland for the new wave of dark ambient and ritual artists...This kind of music profits greatly not only from him as promoter but from his great masterization skills."

Black Sun Temple:
"Sombre Soniks Studios delivers outstanding & quality service, I have used his services and I'm very positive about the results.
Be sure to contact Sombre Soniks Studios if you need cheap and quality mixing and mastering!"

Cursed Tapes:
I couldn't be happier with how the tape mastering you did for the Ridere Deus-tape turned out. I will most certainly contact you with my future mastering needs. Thank you!"

Druhá Smrt:
"Priapus Twenty-Three is not only a brilliant artist, a great friend, one of a kind person and an sound engineer with a perfect professionalism, but also sonik magician with enthusiasm, deep insight and powerful abilities to make our music better via his art of mastering. For our next future production, we will always ask for his participation. I am happy for thee amazing experience and I highly recommend Sombre Soniks Studios! Many thanks!"

Emme Ya:
"Priapus your eclectic nature,enigmatic thoughts and multidimensional spirit,trscends beyond limits of aural magickal creations!! keep on the work brother!"

"Priapus's musical knowledge is so vast and his technical abilities in creating , mixing and mastering music material is second to non, extremely professional. I highly recommend Sombre Soniks Studios if you are serious about your music and want a professional finished product.. I trust no one else.."


"We were and still are very happy with all the work you did for us - to be continued. Best wishes from the Nam-Khar Collective"

"I have found Priapus to be an excellent, professional musician to work with! I have used his services for a remaster of a compilation track for the Japan Earthquake compilation, and was very impressed with his quality and efficiency. Definately worth the money, especially if you are coming up against a deadline, but still need top-quality work! HIGHLY recommended!"

"All the best for you, great musician and excellent sound engineer !!!!!"

"We at Quartier23 were always impressed by the professionalism and the excellent results offered by Sombre Soniks Studios. We were sure from the outset, that the results would be exactly what we expected."

"All I can say is that I am very happy to have Priapus23 as a friend and ally within this artistic world. Wonderful musician, incredibly professional sound engineer and one of a kind person! I can feel nothing but a pure awe when I hear his remixes of my works. I hope that Sombre Soniks Studios will get acknowledgement and credibility it deserves....and I'm very very happy about the future cooperations!"