Seesar - Flight Of Raphtontis
  • Seesar - Flight Of Raphtontis
  • Seesar - Flight Of Raphtontis
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Out now! Limited to 23 kopies, this CDR komes in a full kolour 4 panel digipak. Purchase thee CDR to receive a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. IV: Sessar' pdf magazine! You will also receive a digital download of thee release with thee original artwork and flyer.

"It seems that his actual ethnomusicologist diploma Will Connor got at Miskatonic University...As you can see, Dr Will Connor managed not only to create perfect illustrative music, but also a separate structure, which is located and develops in Lovecraft like mythology." - AlterNation

"This is music to conduct strange rituals to, maybe some background noise for perusing the Necronomicon and it is well made stuff. It doesn't sound amateurish (as ambient music often times does to me) and it creates a feeling of unease and hidden menace in it's subdued and repetitive nature (a good thing here). 8/10" - The Rotting Zombie

"A highly recommended album, if looking for something creative, intense and deep!! I am looking to hear more from him in future." -Pan.O.Ra.Ma Journal

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