Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

With thee primary instruments of violin and voice (inkluding. harmonik overtones & undertones), Orryelle has experimented over thee years alone and with many different Musikians, using also experimental electronika, perkussion (usually from long-time kollaborator Amordios Gobblyn-Smyth) and other manual instruments to explore a range of sounds from neo-klassical through dark ambient, eastern/arabic, karnivalesque, heavy, melodik, post-industrial, indefinable, etc.  Lyrikally he explores various esoterik kurrents, often invoking deities through his sonic inkantations alternating with more whimsikal word-play. 

  Ritual aspekts are usually prevalent, some Muziks being kreated as akkompaniment to various produktions of his Metamorphic 'Ritual Theatre Company', and elements of butoh and dervish dancing often feature in more Musikally-oriented performances.

 Orryelle is also a prolifik skulptor and painter, and will be launching in June thee final volume 'Distillatio' in his four-fold bookweb 'The Tela Quadrivium' from UK esoterik art publishers Fulgur Limited.

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V/A - Sombre Soniks Sakrament II

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