Thee Sakrament IV Live Event!

'The Howling Larsons - Parmenides Proem' Pre-Order Available NOW!

Limited to 23 kopies, this CDR komes in a 4 panel digipak. Purchase thee CDR to receive a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. VII: The Howling Larsons' pdf magazine! You will also receive a digital download of thee release with thee original artwork and flyer.

"Another brilliant release from the Sombre Soniks label...A mystical and mystifying release from a very talented duo, definitely recommended..."
- Merchants Of Air

"Through the warm sound and the flowing movement, the album is reminiscent of a dream sequence, but to be lulled by it would be a path that leads to emptiness - only by a certain concentration can one advance into the deeper layers of the music and the words..."
- African Paper


Grist Interview

A new interview of thee mighty GRIST, kondukted by thee New Leaders of the Eldritch Cult!

You kan read thee interview here:


'Temple Music - Εποχές Vol I' Review

A new review has been posted for 'Temple Music - εποχές-vol-l' by thee 'African Paper' webzine!

"...I am sure that the powerful, earthing effect of this music will not be missed even with inattentive listening."

You kan read thee whole review here:

Tonight on thee Sombre Soniks Sanchar Show

I invited Jindrich and Lucie from Druhá Smrt to choose a selektion of their favourite Muziks from thee Sombre Soniks label...Tune in tonight to hear what they have chosen!


Sombre Soniks Artists Featured on 'Radio Q37'

A Most Accursed, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Babalith, Coma Centauri, Druhá Smrt and Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule have been featured on thee latest broadkast from thee 'Stranger Than Paradise' Radio Show, along with many other excellent Artists!

You kan listen to thee podkast of thee show here:


'Sielwolf & Nam-Khar - Oppressfield' Review

A new review for 'Sielwolf & Nam-Khar - Oppressfield' has been published on thee 'Black' webzine site!

"Not 'easy' listening, but somehow 'analytical', not only 'oppressive', but 'impressive'..."

You kan read thee whole review here:


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks
Grist - The End Of Fear CDR Digipak

Limited to 23 kopies, this CDR komes in a 4 panel digipak. Purchase thee digipak to receive a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. V: Grist' pdf magazine! You will also receive a digital download of thee release with thee original artwork and flyer.

"Stunning genius...Dark, beautiful Ritual musical noise...Enjoy it!!!" 
- Lux Atenea Webzine

"The superficial monotony grows to a booming force...The compositions creep into the body until they finally start a process in the head which gives some goosebumps and can put others into a state of trance. Rarely can a musical work penetrate so deeply..."
- Quartier23

Available here:

Temple Music Special on Sombre Soniks Sanchar

There will be a Temple Music special on thee Sombre Soniks Sanchar radio show tonight, playing 2hrs of Muziks from Temple Music and related Projekts that have been released on thee label, starting at 22:00 (WET)

Alan Trench will also be taking part on thee chatbox via thee webpage to diskuss his releases and Muziks, so feel free to join us to speak with thee Artist!

Tune in to thee show here:


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks
Temple Music - Εποχές Vol I

February sees thee first in a two part series from Temple Music for Sombre Soniks featuring recent studio rekreations of past performances using thee notes kreated for each specifik event.

From thee Artist: 
“The plan for each performance, as given to the performers, has a dynamic/modal road map (certainly nothing as sophisticated as a score). Because the pieces are so specific to both time and place, I decided that choosing four from four seasons should flow together to make one long, connected piece. These are the first two parts.”

Available here:


V/A - Do What Thou Will Volume II

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
V/A - Do What Thou Will Vol. II

Thee sekond volume in thee series is finally here! Once again Akoustik Timbre Frekuency rekorded an akoustik piece, chose Artists that they felt a huge respekt for and invited them to ‘do what thou will’ with it.

[ówt krì], Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Babalith, Backyard Ghost, Caduceus, Carl Abrahamsson, Coph'antae Tryr, Der Todtentearer, Druhá Smrt, Fecal Fetal, Grist, Guy Harries, Hybryds, IA, Instagon, Mary Nymphection, Misantronics, Nam-Khar, raxil4, Seesar, SiJ, Taphephobia, Temple Music, Tribes Of Medusa, Tunnels Of ĀH, Tzii & Vanessa Sinclair

Thee download also inkludes an exklusive bonus komposition from thee English Neo-Klassikal Artist Hoyland, plus thee original akoustik excerpt used for this release. Also inkluded is a 16pg pdf booklet with info and links for thee Projekts involved in this kompilation.

Available here:


'Grist - The End Of Fear' Pre-Order Available NOW!

Limited to 23 kopies, this CDR komes in a 4 panel digipak.
Purchase thee digipak to receive a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. V (Grist)' pdf magazine! You will also receive a digital download of thee release with thee original artwork and flyer.

"Stunning genius...Dark, beautiful Ritual musical noise...Enjoy it!!!"
- Lux Atenea Webzine

"The superficial monotony grows to a booming force...The compositions creep into the body until they finally start a process in the head which gives some goosebumps and can put others into a state of trance. Rarely can a musical work penetrate so deeply..."
- Quartier23


Seminations Volume V Out Now!
Thee fifth Volume of thee pdf magazine from Sombre Soniks, fokussing on one of thee Projekts involved with thee label. Featuring an in depth interview by M (formerly from 'Damned By Light' webzine), photos and an exklusive unreleased komposition from thee featured Projekt. 

Volume V is dedikated to Grist to koincide with thee CDR Digipak re-release of their 'The End Of Fear' this month! 

++Get a FREE kopy of this Volume if you purchase a kopy of thee 'The End Of Fear' CDR Digipak release++

Available here:


Sombre Soniks Sanchar!

Tune in Wednesdays and Fridays from 22:00 - 24:00 (WET) for thee new 'Sombre Soniks Sanchar' radio show, brought to you in association with Abismo Humano! Only available on Warfare Radio!


Seesar - Flight Of Raphtontis CDR Digipak Official Release!

Thee first in thee series of digipak releases from thee Sombre Soniks bak katalogue is officially released today, starting with Seesar's excellent 'Flight Of Raphtontis' debut. Limited to 23 kopies, this CDR komes in a full kolour 4 panel digipak. Purchase thee CDR to receive a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. IV: Sessar' pdf magazine! You will also receive a digital download of thee release with thee original artwork and flyer. Only a few kopies remaining!

Available here:

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Sielwolf & Nam-Khar - Oppressfield
Sombre Soniks is very excited to announce that thee highly anticipated sekond kollaboration between Sielwolf and Nam-khar with this new release in both CD and Digital Download formats... 

After thee extremely positive praise for their first kollaboration thee two Projekts have returned with another perfekt kombination of Elektro-Akoustik Ritual Ambient and Old Skool Industrial Elektronika!

Available here:


Babalith - Nightside Of Eden
Sombre Soniks announces thee very welkome return of thee excellent Portuguese Ritual Artist Babalith with his sixth release for thee label... 

From thee Artist: 
"This album draws its embers from the subject of sexual Magick and was done in an intoxicated week. The conceptual relation with the late Kenneth Grant was, therefore, unavoidable, for all his creative endeavors into the Magick of sex and the Abyss of creative delirium."

Available here:


'Seesar - Flight Of Raphtontis' Pre-Order Available NOW!

I am very excited to announce thee re-release of thee debut album from Ethnomusikologist Dr. Will Connor and his solo Elektroakoustik Dark Ambient projekt 'Seesar' on thee Sombre Soniks label, inkluding 23 kopies in a pro CDR 4 panel digipak format! 

Purchase thee CDR to receive a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. IV: Sessar' pdf magazine! You will also receive a digital download of thee release with thee original artwork and flyer.

Available here:


Preview for thee Upkoming 'Babalith - Nightside Of Eden' Release!

A preview komposition taken from thee upkoming Babalith release akkompanied by a new short film...'Nightside Of Eden' is out 23rd January!


We are starting off 2017 with a great month of releases and news here at Sombre Soniks!

Firstly, there is thee new release from Babalith, entitled 'Nightside of Eden' on thee 23rd January and, wow, what a release it will be! I am always left stunned by thee Work of Babalith and this is no exception...A kollektion of extremely powerful Ritual Muziks that I am honoured to host on thee label!

Next, we have thee latest CD release from Sielwolf and Nam-khar, also to be released on thee 23rd January. This is something I have been looking forward to since I worked on thee mastering for thee release...Thee Muziks of these two Projekts kompliment each other so perfektly to kreate a strong elektroakoustik experience! This will be limited to 300 kopies in a jewel kase format and will be availble via Sombre Soniks and many other distribution outlets...

I am also very excited to announce that this year will also see thee start of a set of re-releases from thee Sombre Soniks bak katalogue as hand numbered pro CDRs in a 4 panel Digpak! These will be released in extremely limited sets of 23, so make sure you grab one whilst you kan! Thee first release will be thee excellent 'Flight Of Raphtontis' from thee H.P. Lovecraft obsessed mind of Seesar, komplete with new artwork! This will be released on thee 31st January, with pre-orders for thee release starting on thee 8th!

Is that it? Nope! To mark thee re-release of 'Flight Of Raphtontis' we will also be releasing thee 4th Volume of thee Seminations pdf magazine, fokusing on Seesar with a brand new interview, photos and exklusive audio rekording. This will also be unleashed on thee 8th January to koincide with thee start of thee pre-orders for thee release.

Anything else? How about a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. IV' to everyone who purchases a kopy of thee 'Flight Of Raphtontis' digipak! Yay!

Koming to Sombre Soniks in 2017!

Preview for thee Upkoming Sielwolf & Nam-Khar CD Release!

A preview of thee title komposition from thee forthkoming Sielwolf & Nam-Khar CD, with a new short film to akkompany this by thee excellent Visual Artist Maria Martinego...

Koming to Sombre Soniks early next year!

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Misantronics - InnerGazer
This month sees thee third release from Misantronics for Sombre Soniks with this kollektion of works taking us on a journey through dark and sinister downtempo Elektronika to cinematik soundskapes...

From thee Artist: “For this album, I wanted to do things differently, something other than once again producing something called the 'Misantronics sound’. These tracks were written, programmed, mixed and recorded when friends came over. I rarely asked them to cooperate but I allowed them to interfere one way or another."


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
[ówt krì] & Fecal Fetal - Misanthropy VI
Sombre Soniks is happy to present a strong kollaboration between two Finnish Artists, [ówt krì] and Fecal Fetal.

From thee Artists: “The collaboration between [ówt krì] and Fecal Fetal started over half a decade ago, but work on Misantropy VI did not start until late 2012. This collaboration brings forth a noisier side to Fecal Fetal and more raw darkness from [ówt krì]. The music is a combination of the darkness, mysticism and insanity in the form of sounds and invocations."


Sombre Soniks Samhain Sale
31st Oct & 1st Nov

Enter the diskount kode
for 50% off ALL releases from thee entire Sombre Soniks katalogue!


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
A Most Accursed - May Be
Sombre Soniks is very happy to present thee sekond release from A Most Accursed, a side-projekt from our good friends at Druhá Smrt. 

From thee Artist: 
"This album is an attempt to realise sound manifestation of witchcraft, which we practice in the woods where we live for many years. In the valley of feral dogs,  where owls shriek all the night...A Most Accursed May Be!"


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Fecal Fetal - Teeth
Sombre Soniks brings you thee latest offering from Fetal Fetal, thee Lo-Fi obsessed ExperiMental Projekt from Finland. Featuring six Elektroakoustik kompositions using various
Instrumentation such as a Kantele, Chestnut Rattle, Harmonika, Kettle Lids and Styrofoam to name a few...


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
V/A - Dark Ambient Vol. 12
Twelfth in thee series of bi-annual kompilations presenting 23 Dark Ambient kompositions. This time thee participants were asked to kreate something with an 'Apokalyptik/End Times/Doomsday Kult' theme... 

[ówt krì], Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Aural Whiteout, Backyard Ghost, Catacombs Of Doom, Dawn Tuesday, Druhá Smrt, Ekkoet fra Mørkets Dyb, Front Sonore, Grist, Hoyland & Seesar, Jim Wylde, Kristus Kut, Oneirich, Mary Nymphection, Misantronics, raxil4, Selo Vatra, SiJ, Temple Music, The Red Path, Tzii and Uzbazur345.

Also inkluded are thee 23 info kards with individual bakground art kreated by Madguten and thee welkome return of Fabian van der Meer kontributing thee kover artwork! 

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Grist - Accretion
August brings our annual Grist release to Sombre Soniks...And what a release it is! Grist has further honed their hypnotik layering of sounds to kreate three highly Evokative kompositions. These draw you in and take you on an inward Shamanik journey through inducing a potent level of Trance States! 

From thee Artist: 
“These pieces, like all my pieces, were created through a gradual process. A slow, real-time accretion of tiny layers...A build up of sediment through sound.”


Guy Harries - Fault Line
Sombre Soniks is excited to present thee first solo release from Guy Harries for our label this month! After his excellent kollaboration with Yumi Hara on thee ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ release, we were more than happy for Guy to return with this kollektion of Elektro-Akoustik Avant-Garde kompositions. 

From thee Artist: 
“A tapestry of atmospheric drones, soundscapes and vocals, created with analog synths, found objects and a multitude of mysterious procedures.The field recordings used are from New York, summer 2013. A heavily processed recording of Max Neuhaus’s wonderful Times Square installation was used on track 4. 

With thanks to Trinity Laban Conservatoire (use of modular synths), Michael Norris (SoundMagic), Hilary Jeffery (composition time in Berlin) and Nicko Straniero (artwork)"


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Seminations Vol. III (Sombre Soniks Special)
We are very happy to release thee third volume of thee Seminations pdf magazine, this time with a Sombre Soniks Special! 

This volume features a 32 page booklet with text and images from Grist, A Most Accursed, Druhá Smrt, Plaguewielder, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Seesar, Babalith, Temple Music, IA, Fecal Fetal and Backyard Ghost, plus a forward by Alan Trench! 

There are also 10 kompositions from various Artists related with thee label, totalling 2hrs30mins of audio! 

And, as if that wasn't enough already, there are also 11 separate inserts featuring thee original artwork kreated by Madguten for thee info kards featured in thee Dark Ambient kompilation series,
from Vol. 1 - 11!


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Retroaktive Inkantations (2001 - 2016)
This release gathers together sixteen rekordings, totalling just under 3 hours of material, from Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, one for each year of thee Projekts existence. Most of these are either previously unreleased kompositions, or were distributed via file sharing websites to a handful of people. 

Dokumenting thee ever evolving sounds and ideas of ATF, influenced by both thee physikal and mental environment of thee Artist during his time working under this title, whilst also following one kore set of aktions: 
++Transcend Transmute Kreate++ 

Also inkluded is a short pdf booklet with information regarding each of thee sixteen kompositions.


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
The Howling Larsons & Nikolaos Lymperopoulos - Paramenides Proem

Sombre Soniks has thee honour of releasing this excellent new work based upon thee writings of Parmenides, thee pre-Socratic Greek philosopher from Elea in Magna Graecia. Also inkluded is a new translation of thee proem itself!

From thee Artist:
“This is a modal/ambient piece based on Parmenides 'Proem'. The vocals are recited by Nikolaos in Ancient Greek using the Byzantine tonal system. We also include a more Esoteric translation of the Proem in both Greek and English.”


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:

Yumi Hara & Guy Harries - Wheels Within Wheels

Sombre Soniks is extremely proud to announce thee release of a new kollaborative work between Yumi Hara and Guy Harries! 

Koming after their ‘Sonic Rituals’ projekt, this release features a selektion of live kompositions taken from their tours of Japan and Lithuania, totalling just over 42mins of avant-garde soundskapes. Also inkludes a 15 page booklet featuring info on thee Artists and photos from thee tours! 

From thee Artists: 
"Sound artists Yumi Hara Cawkwell and Guy Harries work as a duo, creating ‘sonic rituals’. Using voices, found objects, electronic processing, field recordings, and nonlinear synthesizers, the duo’s performances unfold through a process of improvisation. The structure of the performances, which is never premeditated, is inspired by the concept of ritual, imbued with intent and a sense of inevitability, yet allowing for risk and unpredictability to lead the scenario in new directions." 


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Sielwolf & Nam-khar - Atavist Craft


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Temple Music - Endotaph

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Backyard Ghost - Descântece

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency & raxil4 - Volume One

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Ritualistik Kuttings


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Dreamtime

XXIII.I: Babalith

V/A - Dark Ambient vol. 8
Grist - The End Of Fear


Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
'Thee Sombre Mixes vol. 02' (mixed by Aim23)

'V/A - Sombre Soniks Sakrament II'

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:

'Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Kompilation Kompendium I & II'
Two releases from Akoustik Timbre Frekuency featuring a total of eighteen kompositions submitted to various kompilation albums from 2009 - 2012.
Also features three kompositions submitted for kompilations that were never released.

Kompilation Kompendium I:


Kompilation Kompendium II:

Out NOW Sombre Soniks:
'Druhá Smrt - Transcurrence'
Available now here:


'Fecal Fetal/Hoyland - Permutations I'
Available now here:
Out On Thee Summer Solstice 2015
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Shamanik Sessions Volume I

Out 23rd June 2015
Babalith - The Dream Cycle

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency on YouTube

Two releases from Akoustik Timbre Frekuency have been added to thee YouTube channel. You kan now stream thee FULL releases of both 'Kthonik Korridors' and 'Memetik Etchings', with more releases to follow soon! Maske sure to subskribe to keep up to date with thee latest uploads!


ATF015: Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Kthonik Korridors

ATF016: Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Memetik Etchings

You kan also stream thee full release of 'Thee Sombre Mixes II' from YouTube, with plans to add vol. I in thee near future!

SomSon53: V/A - Thee Sombre Mixes (DJ Aim23)


Druhá Smrt - Into Further Intensity

Sombre Soniks is very excited to announce thee release of thee debut film work from Druhá Smrt via our YouTube channel! This was kreated as part of an 'Autumnal Rite' that they recently performed...
From thee artist:
"There are places in the mundane space where still dwells the lost soul of the world, forgotten places where abandoned things penetrated and coalesced with devastated nature. These sources of our under/standing must be opened by accordingly ritualistic approach. It is necessary to shift the perception to deeper perspective, to try to achieve greater intensity of acceptance also hidden and forbidden empathy with this 'fallen' reality. Such a process can also open further paths leading through Eschaton."
'Hands From Shadows' Charity Kompilation

My good friend Timur (of Tamerlan) kontakted me this morning to ask if Sombre Soniks would host a charity kompilation he wishes to put together to aid those that have suffered during thee recent floods in Serbia...We have, of kourse, agreed to help with this kause that is very klose to his heart...

From Timur:
"My friends, some of you might be well aware of the situation in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, with the tragedies caused by the severe floods. Dozens of lives have been lost while tens of thousands of people were forced to be evacuated from their homes. Serbia is the country which I called home for the biggest part of my life, and I can not feel at peace when I see what is going on there... 

For this reason, I have decided to start a charity compilation, which will hopefully provide some relief to those in need. The compilation called "Hands From Shadows" will be released in cooperation with Sombre Soniks Studios on 23rd of June. I therefore call for all musicians, bands and projects within dark ambient, neofolk, neoclassical, industrial, gothic, experimental and similar genres, who would like to participate and support this compilation to get in touch through this email:

The song doesn't need to be exclusive (can be anything from the previous material), but please make sure to submit everything until the 11th of June. Please share the news and get in touch.
Thank you."

More details will be added soon...
Sombre Soniks Sakrament II
Sombre Soniks Sakrament II
An evening of Atmospherik & Ritual Muziks 

Thee sekond Sakrament is upon us! After thee excellent event in Decmber it has been decided to expand upon this with another set of performances from some of thee Artists working with Sombre Soniks.
Join us for an evening filled with Invokations and Inkantations as we release our kollektive Energies into thee Aethyr!


This is a side-project formed April 2011 by Marc Azrael Hoyland, the artist behind Ethereal Ambient project Hoyland. Bringing in Priapus23 on vocals and sound mastering Plaguewielder issued its first release in May 2012 on Sombre Soniks, an EP titled "World Funeral Requiem", which has been given favourable comments in several reviews. 
Nihilistik Plague Ambient!


Colossloth was founded by Wooly Woolaston in 2006 and has been heralded as 'the best of the new wave of British Drone' with influences koming from various sources inkluding nature and Wicca. Also dubbed as 'Doomdronedirge' by Auarius Records, Colossloth utilises a healthy mixture of sounds and techniques ranging from Dark Ambient to Grindcore guitars and elements of IDM to kreate its very unique sound. Thee first release with Sombre Soniks, 'Butterflies are Witches', has been given an extremely positive reception in thee media so far, through both magazine and radio features.

This will be thee 'hometown' performance for colossloth during their kurrent UK tour.


Vintage electronic dronescapes from one of Leicester's forgotten sons...
raxil4's dark brooding dronescapes combine analog and digital sound sources, including field recordings, detuned radios, analogue televisions, computers, turntables, CD & mp3 players, tape recorders, 8-bit gameboys, handmade electronic devices, broken vintage equipment and handmade sculptural instruments (made from mainly found materials such as hospital crutches, driftwood and bones reclaimed from the River Thames).
His works have been broadcast on terrestrial and internet radio, been featured on film soundtracks and have been exhibited in art galleries, in the United Kingdom, Europe, America and Canada.
He has collaborated with musicians, poets, performance artists, sound artists and visual artists. He has performed many improvised concerts solo, duo, trio or as part of a large scale ensemble. Occassionally he sings with a Blues band.


The Seesar project constructs dark ambient soundscapes using unnamable timbres and demented, uncanny rhythms and melodies to evoke the fear and dread expressed within the works of H. P. Lovecraft and other authors of Mythos fiction. In part, Seesar accomplishes this realization of darkness by performing on scrap metal, turning household items into musical instruments, and building new noise-making devices to generate unique sonic additions. Employing textures provided by the inclusion of traditional musical instruments from various cultures from around the World are also part of Seesar’s music, further removing the listeners’ familiarity and expectations and thus deepening the connection to the unknown. 

For this event Seesar will be performing a piece dedikated to thee great Cthulhu once more!


Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
Orryelle will be performing a number of songs relating to his new book ‘Time, Fate and Spider Magic’ (Avalonia Press June 2014), including a live audio adaptation of the semi-channeled ‘Book of the Spider’, using violin, voice and FX pedals to craft a web of wyrd words and sounds, with Tegan Gigante dancing the Spider-Goddess and Priapus23 (of Akoustik Timbre Frequency) accompanying on singing bowls and percussion.
There will also be an invocation of Kali-Ma as Hindu arachnean archetype and Her consort MahaKala, the black God of Time. 
Layers of looped mantras and harmonic chanting will be interwoven with eastern and western violin melodies and semi-sung poetry to evoke deities of time, of fate, of music (Ancient Egyptian Ihy) and of memory; culminating with an invocation of Baphomet presiding over this PanDaemonAeon.
There will be accompanying projections of related video from the Metamorphic Ritual Theatre archives and images of Orryelle’s paintings and sculpture. The performance will be partially pre-determined and partially improvisational in nature.

Orryelle is an esoteric artist in many media including painting, writing, sculpture, sound and performance.
He is the director of Australian-based Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company, author of the Tela Quardrivium book-web (publ. Fulgur Limited)and often exhibits and performs internationally. 
His work engages with connecting the subconscious and conscious through employment of magical 
and mythical symbols and archetypes.
He is part of the vanguard of the current resurgence in esoteric arts balanced between the conceptual and the aesthetic.


Akoustik Timbre Frekuency
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency mainly fokuses on kreating elektro-akoustik kompositions that are designed for Ritual usage, no matter what path thee praktitioner may follow. They have been kreating and evolving their own style of Ritual Ambient for 13 years with over 35 releases and re-releases and many kompilation appearances for a variety of labels.
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency utilises a variety of Ritual Instruments inkluding singing bowls, rain sticks, Tibetan horns, aura chimes, shamanik rattles as well as synthesised sounds to kreate trance-augmenting bakground atmospheriks for Ritual usage. Kompositions have been kreated using field rekordings from lokations ranging from treetops to sewers, from nature parks to pubs on a Friday night... 

ATF will be performing a Blood Rite for this event, which will fokus on thee Intent to "bring some Strukture to my Perceived Reality...To regain a Balance of Force and Form."


Bakground films for thee evening have been kreated by:
Fabian van der Meer
Malik Madguten Tauros
Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule 
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency 

£6 ADM + adv tickets available here:

Sombre Soniks:

Wake Up Promotions:

News Arkive



Babalith - Inferno

Out NOW:

V/A - Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque III: A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, Third Reading

Sombre Soniks is excited to start thee new year with thee opportunity to kontinue thee work of Quartier23 with this, thee third in a series of kompilations dedikated to thee writings of Edgar Allan Poe. 

This series was first started by Quartier23 in 2009 on its digital sub-label Notariqon, klosely followed by volume II due to thee popularity of thee initial release...Thee series was always intended to kontinue and we are proud to be able to follow Quartier23 with this installment featuring 13 Artists interpretations of klassik writings from Edgar Allan Poe. 

Also features a 271 page booklet, komplete with every short story and poem chosen by thee artists for their pieces and an intro from Quartier23! 

Released on thee 205th anniversary of his birth.

Available here

Out 23rd January 2014
Seesar - Flight of Raphtontis

Out 19th January 2014
V/A - A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe, Third Reading

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
V/A - Thee Babblogues!

18 kompositions, totalling four hours of vokal manipulations designed to 'blast thee Tower' of konsciousness.


Tikkets are now available for thee first Sombre Soniks Sakrament event!

You kan purchase tikkets for £5 (+ 50p booking fee) here

An interesting new interview with Babalith has been published by 'Des Cendres a la Cave'. Some detailed info about their releases and rekording processes!

You kan read thee interview

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
IA - 93

This month sees a new release from IA, a Ritual Ambient artist from Colombia, that is heavily influenced by thee Rituals and Workings of thee O.T.O., founded by Aleister Crowley .

IA kreates "dark and atmospheric environments, suitable for performances accompanied by esoteric rituals and other expressions" and, with this release, they pay "tribute to PERDURABO and his legacy of WILL".

Available now here:

Rostered artist Akoustik Timbre Frekuency will be featured on thee EPSILONIA radio show Samhain Special on Radio Libertaire 89.4FM, where they will be playing thee FULL releases of:
Apokrypha (Unabridged)
Gnostik Spasms
Kthonik Korridors
Ritualistik Kuttings

Listen in to thee show starting midnight 31st October:

Rostered artists Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Babalith, Backyard Ghost and Druhá Smrt are taking part in this Devilish kompilation to be released on All Hallow's Eve by Backyard Ghost and Funereal Drone!

'Ukhulth' Review in Lux Atenea!
Thee first review has been published for thee Druhá Smrt release by Lux Atenea with some very positive komments!
You kan read thee review here

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Ritual in Ash - Love is the Law Part I: Awakening
Ritual in Ash - Love is the Law Part II: Fortis + Eris - Thou Shalt Be Strong


You kan now purchase thee 'Druhá Smrt - Ukhulth' CDR release via our bandcamp page!


Sombre Soniks on...











Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Druhá Smrt - Ukhulth!

From thee DBL interview with Druhá Smrt:
"This ritual is not an attempt of evokation, but really is invokation. What is in ourselves, our deepest buried Id-Entity, which is not as simple as superficial Ego. What is different - otherness, and what we fear most... is our hidden self. Dark One, who dwells forgotten in the kingdom of the dead, in the realm of dreams and visions. If we want to achieve wholeness and walk to the path on permanent transformation (which is individuation), we must wake up what is dead in us. Only then we can achieve it all, together with what we have forgotten and lost. It is again an eschatonickal ritual (like Druhá Smrt muzik is) because it is about our Dark Self, risen from the alleged grave, which will lead us in the paths of the future - through the time of the end - and maybe out of time..."

This is a Pro CDr release in a high quality gatefold kard sleeve format with a silk, matte printed kover and an 8pp full kolour gloss printed and stapled booklet, limited to 150 kopies.

Available here:

FINAL DAY of thee pre-order for thee first CD release from Sombre Soniks and to be able to download thee extra bonus komposition 'Foreshadow'!

This is to be konsidered a prequel to Ukhulth although it was kreated after thee main Work.

In thee words of Druhá Smrt: "This became a part of 'Ukhulth' after we realised that it brought us back to the same state as the aforementioned Ritual. It filled me with emotion to return to this with a feeling of a premonition: a Time Paradox".

You kan pre-order thee release here to avoid missing out!

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Dark Ambient vol. 6!

Available here:

Koming in December:
Sombre Soniks Sakrament!

Out NOW on Sombre Soniks:
Another re-release from thee ATF Arkives: Thee Serpent's Embrace!

Available here:

Rostered artist Akoustik Timbre Frekuency has 3 events koming up in thee near future:

15th August @ The Barbican, London (as part of a trio with raxil4 & King Sara Hack The Barbican).

23rd August @ Mother Live, London (Full ATF Ritual Performance and also performing with Orryelle with English Heretic also performing).

7th September @ Transient Constellations All Dayer (Full ATF Ritual Performance with Leafcutter John and Andrew Liles headlining)

Hope to see some of you there!!


I am VERY happy and excited to announce...
SomSonCD01: Druhá Smrt - Ukhulth!

This is thee sekond full length release from thee Czech Ritual Ambient projekt Druhá Smrt, komprising of five kompositions that further dokument their personal Workings into 'DIY Rituals influenced by the Lovecraftian archetypes and Chaos Magick.'

150 x Pro CDr's in a gatefold kard sleeve with an 8pp kolour booklet, to be released 27th September.

Pre-Orders are available NOW with an exklusive bonus komposition and free shipping on thee physikal release!

Order a kopy here for £8 to avoid missing out!

Rostered artist Akoustik Timbre Frekuency will be performing at thee all day festival being organised by Transient Constellations at thee Brixton Windmill on 7th September, with Andrew Lilles and Z'ev headlining thee event!
For more details go to thee Facebook event page here.

Rostered artist Melankolia will be performing today online!
For more info go to thee Facebook event page here 

Thee Mist Murmers: Two Hours with Melankolia

Sombre Soniks will host a night featuring an online performance from Melankolia on thee 24th July (thee Birthday of Mike O'Brien, thee artist behind thee Muziks). It will be streamed live on uStream and will be rekorded for a future release with thee label. This is to mark thee new signing of Melankolia to thee label.


Here is a very brief run down of some of thee ideas we are working on at thee moment...More detailed info will kome kloser to each event...

Thee Mist Murmers:
Sombre Soniks will host a night featuring an online performance from Melankolia on thee 24th July (thee Birthday of Mike O'Brien, thee artist behind thee Muziks). It will be streamed live on uStream and will be rekorded for a future release with thee label. This is to mark thee new signing of Melankolia to thee label.

Dark Ambient vol. 6:
Some of thee Sombre Soniks artists have already started work on this, but I will be announcing thee theme and opening submissions on thee 23rd July!

Thee 23 Sessions:
You may have already heard some of these when they were featured on Ghost Box Radio. I have been awaiting for a suitable idea to hit me for these and it has...I will be releasing thee whole series (some of which have not been heard yet!) as a tape set, one Session at a time. This is being kreated in partnership with Cursed Tapes and thee first Session has already been sent off (from Babalith).

CD Releases:
I will be adding pre-orders for thee first two CDs on Sombre Soniks in thee near future:- thee new unreleased Ritual Work from Druhá Smrt entitled 'Ukhulth' and a remastered version of Hoyland's 'Dreams Within A Dream' with some bonus unreleased kompositions (both are to be mastered by Sombre Soniks). Thee pre-orders will also kome with some bonus material, which I reveal kloser to thee time...

Thee Permutations Series:
Inspired by Brion Gysin and his 'Permutation Poems', this will be a new series of releases from Sombre Soniks, featuring two artists from thee label working together to kreate something that neither would usually kreate on their own. Thee Permutation of styles and genres to kreate something New. Thee first round of Permutations will feature: Backyard Ghost & dead.circuit, Fecal Fetal & Hoyland, Babalith & IA, Grist + Plaguewielder, Alchemist + ...the spirit dies and a rather interesting and exciting Ritual kollaboration between Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Druhá Smrt & Viginti Tres Saecula! (more Permutations to be announced).

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency Performances:
Rostered artist Akoustik Timbre Frekuency (that would be me) has two upkoming shows! Thee first will be at Mother Live (333 Old Street, Shoreditch, UK) on thee 23rd August where there will be a solo performance and I will also support Orryelle as part of a bakking band for thee evening (a third artist to be konfirmed). I have also been asked to perform at an all day festival iat thee Brixton Windmill, UK on thee 2nd September. I kan't reveal anything for this yet as it is still being sorted out, but thee line up is very exciting indeed!



There is an excellent new interview with Druhá Smrt by Damned By Light on their site now!
It inkludes lots of in-depth information on thee bakground to thee projekt itself and thee tenkiques and methods behind thee rekordings!

You kan read thee interview here

As part of thee new expansion of Sombre Soniks, 'Colossloth - Butterflies Are Witches' & 'Plaguewielder - World Funeral Requiem' have now been added to various digital outlets inkluding Amazon & iTunes! Also soon to be added to MySpace Music, Spotify and many others!

A new three-liner from Quartier23 for 'Grist - Must Remain Hidden':

"55 minutes of darkness and distraction, fascinating and hypnotising. "Tiny" sounds hidden in greater ones, relieve themself, culminate in massive, orgiastic structures and ebb away... Great! 87/100"

Rostered artist Babalith is to be featured on thee first of a new series of shows from Hazard on Ghost Box Dark Ambient Radio, inkluding an in depth spoken word sektion explaining thee processes behind their work!


Sombre Soniks is proud and honoured to be able to work with all of thee artists that have released their Muziks via thee label!


Rostered artist Colossloth will be performing at thee Paradox festival this year!

Thee organisers say of Colossloth:
"I can say nothing better about Colossloth than every time I listen to them, they transport me to another place, and for that duration time is suspended and I am totally subsumed in their sonic world. That doesn’t happen often, I can assure you. Treading a musical line somewhere between Coil, Black Sabbath, and Future Sound of London, atmosphere is high and darkness is intense. Check their current album ‘Butterflies are witches’, currently receiving rave reviews by all who hear it…"

You kan view thee full line up here

Out Now on Sombre Soniks:
Fecal Fetal - Consequences of Depth!


There's a new kompilation out now on Korvustronik in support of thee Hope Animal Association.
Thee kompilation features, amongst others, Druhá Smrt, Babalith, Monte 6 as well as a 14min komposition from thee ATF arkives, entitled 'Flow Motion' and originally kreated a a dear friend, Lunaladee.
Donate some money for a good kause and grab yourself some great Muziks here

Sombre Soniks Sundays on Ghost Box Radio

This week thee show will be featuring thee new Dark Ambient vol. 5!
Tune in to Ghost Box Dark Ambient Radio tonight at 8pm GMT and again Monday morning at 4am GMT!



Rostered artist Colossloth is featured in thee latest Zero Tolerance magazine!
You kan view and purchase thee magazine here

Get your tikket to thee Beat Hotel event at thee Horse Hospital, London on 6th April!
Featuring work by Raymond Salvatore Harmon, James BL Hollands, Matthew Levi Stevens and much more...
Also featuring thee first skreening of a new ATF film, 'A Non-Linear History Of ATF As Direkted By Thee I-Ching', kreated using kut-ups of audio and visual material taken from over a dekade of work by ATF, inkluding behind thee scenes footage, live performance excerpts and klips of unreleased films!

Tikkets are available here

A Plaguewielder interview has been posted on thee Damned By Light site, diskussing thee ideas behind thee projekt!
You kan read thee interview here

"Wow! What a great release! Definately a 'must have'! 23 cooperations between the finest artists of the Dark Ambient genre. Dark, intensive, honest.. 93/100" TDE
Dark Ambient Vol. 5 is featured as thee 'Spotlight' and 'Recommended Download' on thee Quartier23 site.

Out Now on Sombre Soniks:
Dark Ambient Vol. 5!


darkambient.ge have begun to update their site and it now inkludes pages for some of thee Sombre Soniks rostered artists. You kan view these here:

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency

Tonight on thee Sombre Soniks Sundays show:
Grist - Must Remain Hidden!

Tune in here:


Koming Soon to Sombre Soniks...


Out Now on Sombre Soniks:
Grist - Must Remain Hidden!


Sombre Soniks IS NOW on Twitter:

Koming to Sombre Soniks on thee Vernal Equinox:
Dark Ambient vol. 5!


Tune in to Ghost Box Dark Ambient Radio tonight for thee 'Backyard Ghost' showkase featuring thee next in thee series of 'Thee 23 Sessions' and his latest release with Sombre Soniks, 'Waxwork'!



As thee Equinox draws nearer it is, of kourse, time to talk of Dark Ambient kompilations...Namely...

Dark Ambient Vol. 5!
I have decided to alter thee format for thee latest kompilation (it is a 5 afterall!) and invited artists to join in kollaboration with each other...This means that this volume features 46 projekts kollaborating on 23 kompositions!
It gives me great pleasure to be able to announce thee list of projekts involved:

Babalith/Aeternum X
Carl Abrahamsson/Xambuca
Coma Centauri/Carlos Ramirez
dead.circuit/Gabriel L.B.
Druhá Smrt/Akoustik Timbre Frekuency
Emme Ya/Gothick
Fetal Fecal/0+Q
Grist/Lucas Darklord
Hoarfrost/Hekte Zaren
Melankolia/The Temple of Algolania
Night At Noon/Zagrob
Ouroboros/Backyard Ghost
Seesar/Steve Mason
Taphephobia/Phantom Ship
Temple Music/The Gray Field Recordings
The Implicit Order/Ars Sonor
Viginti Tres Saecula/The Domesticated Princess Of Purple Disaster
Will Connor/Andy Brown

There will also be thee usual booklet featuring info on each projekt plus artwork by Sombre Soniks regulars Fabian van der Meer and Madguten, this time featuring an introduktion kindly written for this by Carl Abrahamsson with his views regarding Internet Teknologies and their Impakt on thee Muzikal Kounter-Kulture!
Many thanks to all those taking part and making this another exceptional volume in thee series!

Out Now on Sombre Soniks:
Bathory Legion & Emme Ya - Dominion!

Also to be featured tonight on Ghost Box Dark Ambient Radio


Out Now on Sombre Soniks:
Backyard Ghost - Waxwork!


Tonight on thee Sombre Soniks Sunday radio show:

'Thee 23 Sessions'

Thee first in a series of new and exklusive features from some of thee artists working with Sombre Soniks, komprised of a 23min komposition kreated specifikally for thee show!

First 23 Session: Druhá Smrt with 'Tor23'!

Listen in tonight at 8pm GMT on Ghost Box Dark Ambient Radio!



Here's a REALLY nice review for thee 'Sombre Soniks Sampler' kompilation from thee  'Heaven Is Not Too Far' site.
"Plaguewielder, being a force of nature in the Sombre Soniks and one of the best bands of Dark Ambient in my opinion..."

You kan read thee full review here (In Portuguese)

This is a pre-show tester soundtrak kreated by James BL Hollands and Akoustik Timbre Frekuency for James' short film 'Into The Silence'. Thee first skreening for this was at Modern Jago in Shoreditch as part of thee 'Retina Of The Mind’s Eye' event featuring 20 Artists showkasing new sound and video Works. "Descrambling 30 years since VIDEODROME."

"James B L Hollands & Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - "Into The Silence" - 15 minutes, 2013
Using footage from J.B.L. Noel's "Epic of Everest", J.B.L. Hollands finds correlations between not only the initials of the filmmaker, but with his work. Re-editing Noel's footage of George Mallory's fatal Everest expedition of 1924, Hollands resamples his own past audio work to create a vision of artistic work as doomed failure."

Instrumentation utilised by ATF for this piece inkludes Tibetan thighbone horns, singing bowls, bells, gong and shamanik rattle.

You kan listen to thee audio here

A new review for 'The Grave Dominion - Winter Dead World' on thee Terrorizer site, giving it 4/5!
You kan read thee review here

For those that missed thee Colossloth interview on :[DZ]: Radio, here is thee text version that has now been uploaded to thee Damned By Light website.
You kan read thee interview here


James B L Hollands & Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - "Into The Silence" - 15 minutes, 2013
Using footage from J.B.L. Noel's "Epic of Everest", J.B.L. Hollands finds correlations between not only the initials of the filmmaker, but with his work. Re-editing Noel's footage of George Mallory's fatal Everest expedition of 1924, Hollands resamples his own past audio work to create a vision of artistic work as doomed failure. With sound by James BL Hollands & Akoustik Timbre Frekuency.

Skreening tomorrow at Modern Jago in Shoreditch as part of thee Retina Of The Mind’s Eye event. 20 Artists Showcasing New Sound and Video Works. Descrambling 30 years since VIDEODROME.

Here's thee FB Event Page for thee night.

A new Dark Ambient mix has been kreated by Mark Blood, entitled 'Frozen Landscapes', and has been uploaded to Soundcloud. Featuring a komposition taken from thee Korochun kompilation on Sombre Soniks.
Thee mix is available here

With thee klosing of our partner's label and distro at Quartier23, there are under 10 kopies of this exceptional release left at Quartier23. One of thee highlights of 2012 was working on thee produktion for this...Don't miss out on a chance to grab a kopy for yourself...
Highly rekommended and available here

:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [GMT] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Feature for 26th January 2013
Babalith - Xibalba Mannequins



Rostered artists Akoustik Timbre Frekuency has kollaborated with James BL Hollands to kreate a soundtrak for James' latest visual work entitled 'Into The Silence'.

From thee visual artist:
"Using footage from J.B.L. Noel's "Epic of Everest", J.B.L. Hollands finds correlations between not only the initials of the filmmaker, but with his work. Re-editing Noel's footage of George Mallory's fatal Everest expedition of 1924, Hollands resamples his own past audio work, to create a vision of artistic work as doomed failure,
while Akoustik Timbre Frekuency add :Tibetan horns, tikgsha, singing bowls, bells, gong and shamanik rattle to echo the first performances of this film, which were have a "total" cinematic experience, as Noel had arranged for 7 Tibetan monks from Gyantse to perform with it.The Tibetan government subsequently lodged an official diplomatic protest, an affair which became known as the "Affair of the Dancing Lamas". It had profound and lasting political consequences, undercutting the reforms of the 13th Dalai Lama, which politically weakened Tibet against the invasion of the Chinese, and led to the problems Tibet has suffered ever since.
For this screening, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency will be providing a recorded track not a live performance."

Thee first skreening will be at thee Retina in the Mind's Eye event at thee Modern Jago venue in Shoreditch on 30th January, also featuring Bioni Samp & Stephen Thrower, Letraruido & Tom Webster, Andrea Ruffino & Rebecca Salvadori and many more!

Here's thee FB event page for thee event.

Out Now on Sombre Soniks:
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Memetik Etchings!

Also to be featured tonight on Ghost Box Dark Ambient Radio (formerly :[DroneZone]:)


:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [GMT] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Feature for 23rd December 2012
Backyard Ghost - Waxwork



:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [GMT] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Feature for 23rd December 2012
V/A - Korochun



Out Now on Sombre Soniks:
V/A - Korochun!


ATF's 'Apokrypha II' will be featured on thee Abismo Humano radio show on Warfare Radio TONIGHT!
I am honoured to have thee full Apokrypha Series featured over two shows...Many thanks to everyone at Abismo Humano!

Here's thee FB event page for thee show

Out Now on Sombre Soniks:
Backyard Ghost - American Gothic!

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Kthonik Korridors!


:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [GMT] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Colossloth - Butterflies are Witches

Listen in to thee show for a 25% diskount kode for this release, plus there will be an interview with Colossloth komposed by M (from Damned By Light webzine) broadkast on thee show!



:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [GMT] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Druhá Smrt - Recurrence

Listen in to thee show for a 25% diskount kode for this release!



'Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Witte Dood Kompendium' Available Now!
Sombre Soniks and ATF Produktions bring you thee 'Witte Dood Kompendium', a series of four kompositions kreated for thee Witte Dood label. Each trak has a specifik length (333, 666, 999 & 1332 sekonds).
This was originally released as 4 individual 3" CDr's , ltd to 33 sets.

Available now from thee Sombre Soniks bandcamp site here:

:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [GMT] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Viginti Tres Saecula - XXIII

Listen in to thee show for a 25% diskount kode for this release!


Sombre Soniks Sundays Samhain Special!

This week sees a 4 hour feature for Backyard Ghost and The Grave Dominion for thee Halloween weekend!

Listen in to thee show this Sombre Soniks Sunday on :[Drone:Zone]: Dark Ambient Radio and you will be given a diskount kode for 25% off thee featured release!

This week will feature:
The Grave Dominion - Winter Dead World

Plus, amongst other rekordings, you will get to preview two releases from Backyard Ghost that will be koming to Sombre Soniks in thee future:
A re-release of his excellent 'Waxwork', previously released on CDr via Dark Meadow Recordings.

An all-new release entitled 'American Gothic', a bleak and unkomprimising look into thee rotting heart of America in Dekline!


New Komposition from Druhá Smrt for thee Samhain

From thee artist:
"An attempt to express the significance of the feast of the dead for living humans, opening of consciousness for a time of transition rituals..."

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency to Perform at Dreamachine Event in London

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency's 'Dreamachine Series' will be featured at a major upkoming event in London for thee UK launch of thee first ever bespoke Brion Gysin Dreamachine, plus there will be a live performance to akkompany thee Dreamachine experience! A true honour to be part of this night that features so many artists who have influenced my Workings over thee years!

+Terry Wilson
+Ian MacFadyen
+Rikki Stein
+Stewart Home

+Robert Hampson Music for Dreamachines installation
+Fritz Catlin / Skintologists ex 23 Skidoo DJ set
+Akoustik Timbre Frekuency

+Aphex Twin's Stakker Westworld from Marek Pytel and Reality Film
+Master Musicians of Joujouka new films
+FLicKeR :: A Film By Nik Sheehan featuring Marianne Faithfull, DJ Spooky, The Stooges, Iggy Pop, Lee Ranaldo, Genesis P-Orridge, John Giorno, Floria Sigismondi, and Kenneth Anger, Terry Wilson and others.
+1960s Antony Balch film featuring Ian Sommerville, Brion Gysin, William Burroughs, Alexander Trocchi Jean-Jacques Lebel with live soundtrack mix by Frank Rynne

Tikkets are available from thee main website here:


Akoustik Timbre Frekuency & Druhá Smrt on '23 Seconds Ov Time vol. 5'

Thee fifth installment of thee '23 Sekonds Ov Time' series has been released by thee AIN23 kollektive featuring exklusive 23 sekond kompositions from ATF and DS. Also featured on this volume is Fecal Fetal, an artist who will be joining Sombre Soniks in thee future!

Available for free download here:



:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [GMT +1] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Apokrypha (Unabridged)
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Apokrypha II

Listen in to thee show for a 25% diskount kode for this release!



‎:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [GMT +1] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Immundus - Gathering Of These Silent Remains

Listen in to thee show for a 25% diskount kode for this release!



Out NOW on Sombre Soniks!
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Apokrypha Series

Apokrypha (Unabridged)
Apokrypha II
Films on Vimeo

:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [BST] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Plaguewielder - World Funeral Requiem

Listen in to thee show for a 25% diskount kode for this release!



‎:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

Played twice, for benefit of our global community
8pm [BST] &
8pm [Central US Time]

Babalith - Xibalba Mannequins

Listen in to thee show for a 25% diskount kode for this release!



Sombre Soniks on Soundcloud
A group has been set up on Soundcloud to send out a free downloadable preview from any forthkoming releases. This will be made available every month on thee 5th/6th of thee month and then stay available until thee 8th. For more info go to thee group here:
Short Films Now Available for Free Download!
A Sombre Soniks akkount has been set up on thee Vimeo site to add short films for free download. Thee first two that have been uploaded are thee original video works by Ariu Kara & dead.circuit for thee 'Do What Thou Will' kompilation when it was released by Quartier23's net-label in 2010. These kan be downloaded for free and there will be more works to kome in thee future!
You kan download thee films here:
Out NOW on Sombre Soniks!

Pauahtun - Can Pauahtun

Alchemist - Earth


I have had a huge interview with thee 'Damned By Light' webzine published last night, speaking about Sombre Soniks Studios inkluding thee produktion work, thee label and thee free kompilations, etc. Many thanks to them for their support and thee opportunity to spread thee word!
Read thee interview here

There is also an excellent new review for Alchemist - Air ep in thee same update.
Read thee review here


Alchemist - Air ep & Ulug Khem Official Release
Two release out today...
Firstly, there is thee highly anticipated 'Air' ep from Alchemist again featuring two masters and a remix from Sombre Soniks. With this release Alchemist have again shown why they were a must for thee label!
Thee sekond is thee official release of thee 1st Ulug-Khem improv session, now available to download for thee first time. Thee Muziks of Tamerlan and Akoustik Timbre Frekuency perfektly kompliment each other to kreate a highly Ritualistik and meditative atmosphere for thee listener. Also inkluded is an excerpt from thee sekond session with these two artists, only available to hear when you purchase thee download!

For more info on Alchemist:

For more info on Tamerlan:

For more info on Akoustik Timbre Frekuency:


Dark Ambient vol. 3 Announcement

Thee Spring Equinox is approaching and with it komes thee 3rd volume of thee 'Dark Ambient' series on Sombre Soniks! Below is a list of artists who have agreed to participate so far:

[ówt krì]
Ab Intra
Ambient Blackhearts Division
Aural Whiteout
Black Sun
Coma Centauri
Inner Vision Laboratory
Joran Laperre
Karsten Hamre
Maciek Szymczuk
Sound Skrapes
The Grave Dominion
Zreen Toyz

I have been extremely happy with thee positive reaktion from thee artists involved so far and would especially like to thank Zoharum for their kollaboration with this up-koming release...
Thee artwork is once again being handled by Fabian Van der Meer and Madguten and, from what I have seen so far, will be another great pakkage!

OUT NOW: Kristus Kut - The Black Queen Kompendium
This is a massive release from Kristus Kut inkluding all four parts from The Black Queen series, brought together for thee first time! A huge 26 kompositions totalling over 4 hours of Ritual Noise dokumenting thee earlier works by Kristus Kut...

For more info on Kristus Kut:

OUT NOW: Emme Ya & Bathory Legion - कपाल
What better way to enjoy this darkest night of thee year than to unleash thee Energies kontained within this release by two of thee best Ritual Ambient artists I have had thee pleasure to work with! This is being released as thee first in an annual series entitled thee 'Sombre Soniks Christkurse Special' to be released every year on thee Winter Solstice...

For more information on Emme Ya go to:

For more info on Bathory legion go to:

OUT NOW: Immundus - Gathering Of These Silent Remains
I am happy to bring together this kollektion for thee 5th anniversary of this great Projekt!
This has been gathered from various ep's and kompilations to dokument thee workings so far for Immundus...

For more information on Immundus go to:

OUT NOW: V/A - Dark Ambient Vol. 2
It is an honour to announce thee koming of thee 2nd in thee series of Dark Ambient kompilations on Sombre Soniks. 23 artists have again kontributed some amazing work and I am extremely happy with thee results! This volume features:
Alchemist, Amex Nori, Backyard Ghost, Black Seas of Infinity, Druha Smrt, Instinct Primal , Kia Karma, Loki Fun Lilith, Melankolia, Nors’Klh, NOX 210 , Ouroboros , Pietro Riparbelli , Plaguewielder, Seesar, Taphephobia, Temple Music, The Red Angle , Tamerlan, Tzii , Vampire Sodomy, Viginti Tres Saecula , Zebulon Kosted.
Download this epik journey here:

OUT NOW: Syrinx - Speaking Alone
I am very pleased to be able to release this work by Syrinx, a Drone Ambient projekt hailing from thee UK...
Thee projekt is komprised of several artists, all of whom have their own solo projekts:
Ed Plenderleith (Pink Venom)
Dave Saunders (Glowingpixie)
Jon Bayliss (Ghoul Detail)

For more info please go to: