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Sombre Soniks on Soundcloud
A group has been set up on Soundcloud to send out a free downloadable preview from any forthkoming releases. This will be made available every month on thee 5th/6th of thee month and then stay available until thee 8th. For more info go to thee group here:
Short Films Now Available for Free Download!
A Sombre Soniks akkount has been set up on thee Vimeo site to add short films for free download. Thee first two that have been uploaded are thee original video works by Ariu Kara & dead.circuit for thee 'Do What Thou Will' kompilation when it was released by Quartier23's net-label in 2010. These kan be downloaded for free and there will be more works to kome in thee future!
You kan download thee films here:
Out NOW on Sombre Soniks!

Pauahtun - Can Pauahtun

Alchemist - Earth


I have had a huge interview with thee 'Damned By Light' webzine published last night, speaking about Sombre Soniks Studios inkluding thee produktion work, thee label and thee free kompilations, etc. Many thanks to them for their support and thee opportunity to spread thee word!
Read thee interview here

There is also an excellent new review for Alchemist - Air ep in thee same update.
Read thee review here


Alchemist - Air ep & Ulug Khem Official Release
Two release out today...
Firstly, there is thee highly anticipated 'Air' ep from Alchemist again featuring two masters and a remix from Sombre Soniks. With this release Alchemist have again shown why they were a must for thee label!
Thee sekond is thee official release of thee 1st Ulug-Khem improv session, now available to download for thee first time. Thee Muziks of Tamerlan and Akoustik Timbre Frekuency perfektly kompliment each other to kreate a highly Ritualistik and meditative atmosphere for thee listener. Also inkluded is an excerpt from thee sekond session with these two artists, only available to hear when you purchase thee download!

For more info on Alchemist:

For more info on Tamerlan:

For more info on Akoustik Timbre Frekuency:


Dark Ambient vol. 3 Announcement

Thee Spring Equinox is approaching and with it komes thee 3rd volume of thee 'Dark Ambient' series on Sombre Soniks! Below is a list of artists who have agreed to participate so far:

[ówt krì]
Ab Intra
Ambient Blackhearts Division
Aural Whiteout
Black Sun
Coma Centauri
Inner Vision Laboratory
Joran Laperre
Karsten Hamre
Maciek Szymczuk
Sound Skrapes
The Grave Dominion
Zreen Toyz

I have been extremely happy with thee positive reaktion from thee artists involved so far and would especially like to thank Zoharum for their kollaboration with this up-koming release...
Thee artwork is once again being handled by Fabian Van der Meer and Madguten and, from what I have seen so far, will be another great pakkage!

OUT NOW: Kristus Kut - The Black Queen Kompendium
This is a massive release from Kristus Kut inkluding all four parts from The Black Queen series, brought together for thee first time! A huge 26 kompositions totalling over 4 hours of Ritual Noise dokumenting thee earlier works by Kristus Kut...

For more info on Kristus Kut:

OUT NOW: Emme Ya & Bathory Legion - कपाल
What better way to enjoy this darkest night of thee year than to unleash thee Energies kontained within this release by two of thee best Ritual Ambient artists I have had thee pleasure to work with! This is being released as thee first in an annual series entitled thee 'Sombre Soniks Christkurse Special' to be released every year on thee Winter Solstice...

For more information on Emme Ya go to:

For more info on Bathory legion go to:

OUT NOW: Immundus - Gathering Of These Silent Remains
I am happy to bring together this kollektion for thee 5th anniversary of this great Projekt!
This has been gathered from various ep's and kompilations to dokument thee workings so far for Immundus...

For more information on Immundus go to:

OUT NOW: V/A - Dark Ambient Vol. 2
It is an honour to announce thee koming of thee 2nd in thee series of Dark Ambient kompilations on Sombre Soniks. 23 artists have again kontributed some amazing work and I am extremely happy with thee results! This volume features:
Alchemist, Amex Nori, Backyard Ghost, Black Seas of Infinity, Druha Smrt, Instinct Primal , Kia Karma, Loki Fun Lilith, Melankolia, Nors’Klh, NOX 210 , Ouroboros , Pietro Riparbelli , Plaguewielder, Seesar, Taphephobia, Temple Music, The Red Angle , Tamerlan, Tzii , Vampire Sodomy, Viginti Tres Saecula , Zebulon Kosted.
Download this epik journey here:

OUT NOW: Syrinx - Speaking Alone
I am very pleased to be able to release this work by Syrinx, a Drone Ambient projekt hailing from thee UK...
Thee projekt is komprised of several artists, all of whom have their own solo projekts:
Ed Plenderleith (Pink Venom)
Dave Saunders (Glowingpixie)
Jon Bayliss (Ghoul Detail)

For more info please go to: