Nam-khar is an excellent Ritual/Drone projekt hailing from Germany that utilises various akoustik instruments and synthesised material within its works. They are heavily influenced by Far Eastern kultures, inkluding Tibetan philosophies and instrumentation.

From thee Artist:
"Nam-Khar develops a in deep magickal exploration handling complex defragmentations and vibrational tunes with an ancestral touch which opens to listeners new gates of perception due how the evocative sounds emerges from time to time."



Sielwolf & Nam-Khar - Atavist Craft
Sielwolf & Nam-Khar - Oppressfield

Kompilation Appearances

V/A - Thee New Ritual Movement Volume I
V/A - Do What Thou Will Vol. II
V/A - Dark Ambient Volume 7
V/A - Dark Ambient Volume 9