New Webpage Added!
This is the new webpage for Druhá Smrt, which will be further updated with more info, visuals and audio over the coming months.

Upcoming CD Release!

Work is currently underway for the first CD release by Druhá Smrt to be released on the Sombre Soniks label. This will be entitled 'Ukhulth'.
Something about this CD:
"This ritual is not an attempt of evokation, but really is invokation. What is in ourselves, our deepest buried Id-Entity, which is not as simple as superficial Ego. What is different - otherness, and what we fear most... is our hidden self. Dark One, who dwells forgotten in the kingdom of the dead, in the realm of dreams and visions. If we want to achieve wholeness and walk to the path on permanent transformation (which is individuation), we must wake up what is dead in us. Only then we can achieve it all, together with what we have forgotten and lost. It is again an eschatonickal ritual (like Druhá Smrt muzik is) because it is about our Dark Self, risen from the alleged grave, which will lead us in the paths of the future - through the time of the end - and maybe out of time..." 

Out on Sombre Soniks in August!