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SomSonCD01: Druhá Smrt - Ukhulth

CDr (Limited to 150 kopies)

This is thee sekond full length release from thee Czech Ritual Ambient projekt Druhá Smrt, komprising of five kompositions that further dokument their personal Workings into 'DIY Rituals influenced by the Lovecraftian archetypes and chaos magick.'

A Pro CDR release in a high quality gatefold kard sleeve format with an 8pp full kolour booklet, limited to 150 kopies. Pro CDR in Gatefold Kard Kase w/8pp Kolour Booklet.

£9.00 (+Shipping)

SomSonCD03: Sielfwolf & Nam-Khar - Oppressfield

Jewel Kase CD (Limited to 300 kopies)

After thee extremely positive praise for their first kollaboration thee two Projekts have returned with another perfekt kombination of Elektro-Akoustik Ritual Ambient and Old Skool Industrial Elektronika!


Jewel Kase CD version of thee release with additional full kolour artwork! Limited to 300 kopies!


£9.99 (+Shipping)


SomSonCD05: Grist - The End Of Fear

Digipak CDr (Limited to 23 kopies)

This release features seven very Trance-Inducing pieces that have been rekorded this year and would work well as bakground atmospheriks for your own Rites!

Limited to 23 hand numbered kopies, this CDr komes in a 4 panel digipak. Purchase thee CDR to receive a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. V: Grist' pdf magazine!

"Stunning genius...Dark, beautiful Ritual musical noise...Enjoy it!!!" - Lux Atenea Webzine

£9.00 (+Shipping)


SomSonCD06: Plaguewielder - World Funeral Requiem

Digipak CDr (Limited to 23 kopies)

Debut release of an exciting Projekt from thee diseased mind of Azrael (Hoyland) featuring P23 (Akoustik Timbre Frekuency) on vokals! Nihilistik Plague Ambient!


Limited to 23 kopies, this CDR komes in a 4 panel digipak and inkludes 4 bonus kompositions not available with thee digital download version!


"As far as Ambient EPs go, this one's a really strong one - and especially so for a debut release!"
- Damned By Light


£9.00 (+Shipping)


SomSonCD07: Howling Larsons & N Lymperopoulos - Parmenides Proem

Digipak CDr (Limited to 23 kopies)

This is a modal/ambient piece based on Parmenides 'Proem'. The vocals are recited by Nikolaos in Ancient Greek using the Byzantine tonal system. 

Limited to 23 kopies, this CDR komes in a 4 panel hand numbered digipak with kompletely new artwork. Purchase thee CDR to receive a free kopy of thee 'Seminations Vol. VII: The Howling Larsons' pdf magazine!

"A mystical and mystifying release from a very talented duo, definitely recommended..."
- Merchants Of Air

£9.00 (+Shipping)

Babalith - XXIII.I

Tape (Limited to 23 kopies)

Thee first in a series of tape releases from Sombre Soniks, in kollaboration with Cursed Tapes.

Each tape release will konsist of a 23min rekording session from an artist on thee Sombre Soniks label, with a 7pp full kolour inlay.

£6.66 (inkluding shipping)


Cold Spring

Cursed Tapes